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Diving the "Black Watch"

By scubavida - Posted on 01 July 2009

"Black Watch" was a fairly big passenger (100+ meters long) requisitioned by the Germans during the second world war and was sunk at the end of the war in Kilbotn outside Harstad. It is a nice dive site located at fairly shallow depths (18-42 meters) and was our destination for a nice tuesday afternoon dive. I was a bit excited since I hadn't been there for a few years and I couldn't wait to get in to see her again.
The weather was nice, the boat was packed with divers, i.e. six, not a bad turnout for a tuesday. We jumped in and slowly(-ish) descended down to the wreck. We swam around and inside for about 35 minutes enjoying the details on the ship and the surrounding marine life. Some of the ship has collapsed, but large parts are still intact, even parts of the masts are still suspended in midair, ehem, midwater. You can even enter the bridge and have a look around her if you desire. The visibility wasn't the best and the water was a bit chilly (especially at the bottom), but I did manage to get a couple of decent (not good, though) pictures out of it despite the murky water and my shivering hands(see here).